Solu 365 update H2/2021

When we started designing Solu 365 in late 2016, we set requirements for it to increase data transparency and improve teamwork manageability in the Office 365 environment. We want to continue to support these requirements, and we are now releasing a number of updates that we believe will take our product a few steps further in the right direction: toward a more structured, secure, and seamless teamwork in the Microsoft cloud.

Azure Function runtime update

This update will not be visible to Solu 365 end users in any way, but it will upgrade the Solu 365 engine to the version recommended by Microsoft. Previously, this would not have been possible because Solu 365 also combines PnP provisioning, which until now would not have allowed this upgrade. Microsoft recommendations for Azure Function Runtime can be found here: Azure Functions runtime versions overview | Microsoft Docs.

Removal of an admin ID from groups after creation

Until now, the service account used to provide Solu 365, such as “Solu Groupprovisioning,” has appeared as the owner in the groups since it was created. The account is left there to allow the group to be updated afterwards, for example when you want to change the external sharing setting after the group is created. This update adds functionality to the application that automatically removes the service account upon successful provisioning and adds it again when you want to update the group.

Solu 365 SaaS

With the update, we will release a version of Solu 365 that will allow you to use it on a Software-as-a-Service basis. In this model, the Azure subscription, which contains the resources required by Solu 365, is maintained by Solu Digital and the customer does not necessarily have to have its own Azure subscription at all. The SaaS model makes it easier and faster to deploy new and upcoming Solu 365 features. At the same time, product pricing will change so that the use of Solu 365 will be charged on a monthly basis and depending on the number of group provisioning and number of users required by the organization. Existing Solu 365 customers can continue to use as before. We will be in touch with all of our customers and inquire about the willingness to move to the new SaaS model.

We will be happy to tell you more about the Solu 365 update, get in touch and we’ll arrange a short Teams meeting on the subject!